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1875S/S U.S. 20 Cent NGC MS64

1898S U.S. Liberty $20 Gold - PCGS MS63     

1935LB Swiss Gold 20 Francs - PCGS MS65

1866 U.S. 5 Cent "Shield Nickel"- PCGS MS63

1871 U.S. 2 Cent - PCGS MS64RB

1875 U.S. 20 Cent - PCGS AU55

1865 U.S. Nickel 3 Cent - PCGS MS63

1879S U.S. Morgan Dollar - PCGS MS65

1913 Germany Pattern 3 Mark Copper - NGC AU55

Here are some examples of our past offerings. Click on images for more information.

Spain 1859 Seville 100 Reales NGC MS66

Peru 1892TF 1/5 Sol PCGS MS64

Great Britain 1859 Florin NGC AU55

Frankfurt Am Main 1860 Thaler PCGS MS62

USA 1875CC 20 Cent PCGS MS62

USA 1931S 5 Cent PCGS MS64

Netherlands 1897 10 Gulden PCGS MS64+

Netherlands 1898 1 Gulden PCGS MS62+

USA 1876 Medal Centennial of American Independence

Roman Empire: Philip II circa 249AD AE sestertius

1973-FM Bahamas Silver Five Dollar PCGS MS69

USA 1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS63FH

Great Britain 1838 Half Penny PCGS MS64RB

Great Britain 1893 Florin NGC MS65

circa 1346 Flanders AR Double Gros

USA 1879 Dollar PCGS MS64

USA 1935S Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS66

Great Britain 1903 Florin NGC PR63

USA 1935S 5 Cent PCGS MS65

USA 1943 50 Cent PCGS MS65

USA 1941D 10 Cent PCGS MS66

USA 1950D 5 Cent PCGS MS66FS

Spain 1735S-PA 8 reales - PCGS VF35  

Japan (1914) T3 1 Yen PCGS MS63

1946 Sweden 2 Ore Special Collector Prooflike Issue PCGS PR65 ex Pittman

Medal : Belgium 1911 Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Company - DuPuis

Peru 1754L-JD 8 Reales PCGS XF45

Medal : France - Touring Club - DuBois

Medal : France La Science - Bottée

Netherlands 1898 10 Gulden PCGS MS63

Great Britain 1841 Half Penny PCGS MS63BN

German States: Frankfurt 1859 Thaler NGC MS64

Great Britain 1929B Trade Dollar NGC MS64

Medal : Spain 1910 Exposition of Spanish Art - Centenary of Mexican Independence

Switzerland 1896B 20 francs NGC MS63

Hamburg 1902 5 mark PCGS MS63

Peru 1894TF 1 Sol PCGS MS63

Italy 1950R 10 Lire PCGS MS63

Peru 1897JF-JR1/5 Sol PCGS MS62

German States: Bremen 1904J 2 mark NGC MS64

Timor 1945 20 avos PCGS MS64

Portugal 1948 10 escudos NGC MS65

France 1786 Louis D'or NGC MS62

Medal: Great Britain 1713 Queen Anne - Peace of Utrecht PCGS SP50

England Queen Anne 1703 VIGO sixpence PCGS AU58

Great Britain 1849 Florin NGC MS64