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Italy 1908 2 lire PCGS MS64

King Victor Emmanuel III ruled Italy from 1900 to 1946. He was an avid coin collector who commissioned the 19 volumes of Corpus Nummorum Italicorum which remain a key source of information about the coins of Italy. He also actively engaged with the mint in Rome, calling for designs employing symbols and themes of ancient Roman coinage.

This 1908 2 lire coin is a superb example, depicting Italia, the female personification of Italy, standing on an ancient Roman quadriga (four horse chariot). This coin is nearly flawless with subtle patina in protected areas beautifully contrasting with lustrous silver devices. Truly exceptional eye appeal which exceeds its already lofty grade.

As of this writing, the PCGS population report identifies this as tied for 3rd highest graded.

10g 27mm AR 0.835 silver 0.2685 AFW

KM# 46

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Italy 1908 2 lire obverse
Italy 1908 2 lire reverse
Italy 1908 2 lire obverse PCGS holder
Italy 1908 2 lire reverse PCGS holder