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Medal: Great Britain 1713 Queen Anne

Peace of Utrecht  - Silver Medal

Medal: Great Britain 1713

The Peace of Utrecht - by John Croker

Throughout the reign of Queen Anne the War of Spanish Succession occupied the thoughts of Europeans. The English and Dutch led the Grand Alliance against Spain and France to prevent control of those two countries by a single king. The power that those two countries held over Europe and the Americas would have made such a combined nation dominant in trade, military, and political terms.

A number of different medals were issued throughout Queen Anne's reign celebrating British victories in the war. Although early on morale was high, as the years passed with many young men dead and allied treasuries dwindling, the patience for continuing the fight became strained. So it was that this last medal of the war,  celebrating the peace treaty signed at Utrecht in the Netherlands, signaled the end of war and the hope of many for a prosperous future.

The obverse features Croker's high relief depiction of Queen Anne. On the reverse we see ships, farming, and other symbols of prosperity in the background with Brittania prominent in the foreground. Brittania is holding an olive branch of peace in one hand and, as if in warning, still retains a spear and shield of war in the other hand.

The coins and medals of Queen Anne are challenging to find in problem free condition and demand among collectors in the UK and elsewhere is strong.

This example exhibits even wear commensurate with the grade assigned. There is attractive toning in the protected areas of devices and legends and hints of luster throughout.

AR 34.8mm  Eimer 460


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