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Aurora Rarities LLC will buy your coins, medals, tokens, and paper money.

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The internet age has made us accustomed to quick communication and, in some cases, nearly instant answers. All of which is welcomed.

However, one thing that has not changed is that evaluation of authenticity, condition, and associated value of coins, tokens, medals, and paper money by a dealer making an offer to buy requires in person examination of the items.

After many years of buying coins, medals, tokens, and paper money I've developed a safe, streamlined process by which anyone can submit their items for evaluation.

Simply contact me with a brief description of what you have:

     - the approximate number of items

     - type of items (coins, paper money, etc) and range of dates if known  

        (don’t need every date, just an idea of date range or historical period)

     - if any are silver or gold

     - if any are hammer struck (coin is not a perfect circle and has no

         modern raised rims)

     - if any are in hard plastic holders, boxes, or folders

         (do not remove from such holders, boxes, or folders)

I will respond within 3 days to confirm whether or not the items you

are offering are something I can accept for evaluation, and, if so, provide guidance on how to pack and submit your items for evaluation. Upon receipt of your items I will carefully review your items to ensure that everything is properly accounted for and provide my best offer to you.

You can then accept the offer upon which I'll immediately issue payment to you or you can decline the offer and I'll ship your items back to you.

No pressure, no hassle.

Don't let your money sit idle, contact me today.