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About Aurora Rarities LLC


        We are buying coins, tokens, medals, and paper money:

     •   We sell quality coins and medals on our website, via ebay, and coin shows.

     •   We are happy to answer your questions about numismatics and related history.

     •   Numismatic Consulting: We provide research, authentication, and other consulting services.

     •   Consignment Services: Consign your coins with us. Reach the right buyers for your specific items.

I have been studying and collecting rare coins since 1980. From an early age I was captivated by numismatics. The history, heraldry, science, art, and wealth of stories linked to the study of coins are fascinating. I am always happy to learn from or provide guidance to fellow numismatists. Aurora Rarities LLC is the culmination of decades of life experience, a passion for coins, and the people that make coin collecting so enjoyable.


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Contact us to request a video call consultation during which we can perform a brief review of your items, answer any questions you may have, and give you a rough idea of what you have in terms of value. If you're interested in selling, we'll guide you through the process of packing and shipping to us. Upon receipt we'll carefully review your items for any particularly valuable pieces and increase our offer to you if we find any such items.

You can then accept our offer and we'll immediately issue payment to you or decline our offer and we'll ship your items back to you. No pressure, no hassle.

Don't let your money sit idle, contact us today.