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Medal: 1911 Norddeutscher Lloyd Steam Ship Company    

This beautiful medal embodies aspects of classical mythology, heraldry, and decorative art in the art nouveau style.

The obverse depicts Poseiden seated in front of Hermes and Eirene standing - all facing right to observe a large steamship passing a tower in background.

Below at right inscription: "L. DUPUIS FECIT"

The reverse is ringed by a complex design of trees and foliage with flags atop and heraldic elements below surrounding an image of a large steamship with inscription "1886 N.D.L. 1911" above.

Below at left are inscribed the interlaced initials: "LD"

Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) was a German Steam Ship company founded in Bremen in 1857. Research suggests this large medal commemorates 25 years of NDL providing postal shipments service to the German Empire in Asia and Australia. It may have been given by a representative at NDL to a German government official.

The artist was Antonius Stanislaus Nicolaas Ludovicus Dupuis of Belgium who was a sculptor and medallist of this era.  Forrer V.1 p667 identifies him as Louis Dupuis.

AE medal, 70.5mm x 4mm, 129.5g, edge: plain

About uncirculated condition with pleasing patina, minor spotting.

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