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1841 Great Britain Half Penny PCGS MS63BN

Long ago the area now known as Great Britain was a part of the Roman Empire. The Roman "denarius" was a coin well known to traders at the time. After the decline of the Roman Empire as the monetary system of Europe developed, a new coin was modeled on the denarius. A value of 1/240th part of a pound was established for this new denarius. Minor modifications to weight took place to accomodate the various systems of measurement, but ultimately a penny of England was minted based on this 1/240th of a pound. To this day, numismatists commonly refer to pennies and other fractions of a shilling (prior to decimalization) as denarius or "D". Hence, the identification of this coin on the PCGS insert as "1/2D". 

This 1841 Half Penny depicts William Wyon's initial "Young Head" design and has exquisite chocolate brown surfaces.

The obverse has a few light marks. The reverse exhibits a few marks and spots and a rim nick at 3 o'clock. Overall eye appeal is exceptional.

Plain Edge

Composition: Copper


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