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1859 Seville Spain 100 Reales NGC MS66

Before his death in 1833 King Ferdinand VII set aside the Salic law in Spain to enable his daughter, Isabel II, to become queen and rule Spain. 

Isabel's mother, Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, acted as regent for Isabel II until she was 13. The army’s support of Maria Christina and Isabel II was central to retaining the throne while Isabel's uncle Carlos and his supporters, the “Carlists”, led a war to take the throne from Isabel II.

As Spain fought to maintain the majesty and influence she had enjoyed for centuries, many changes were implemented.

The system of maravedís, reales, and escudos was replaced in 1848 as decimalization was employed using the same "reales" nomenclature followed by another change to "escudos" in 1864.

Luis Marchioni's draped laureate bust design combined with heraldry of Spain found in the crowned arms on the reverse lend to the classical appeal of this beautiful 100 Reales gold coin.

The 100 Reales was the highest denomination coin issued under Spain's first decimalization. This coin design made an admirable effort to remind the country and the world of Spain's prominence.

The mintmarks on the coins of Spain at this time were indicated by the number of points on the stars surrounding the denomination on the reverse. Counting the star points on this coin you will find 7 points, indicating this coin was struck in Seville, Spain.

At time of sale this was the only 1859 Seville Spain 100 Reales currently graded MS66 by either NGC or PCGS with none graded higher.

There are several blemishes and small marks upon the obverse. The bust almost seems to glow with frosty luster on the laureate and hair. The reverse has a small dark spot at the tip of the left bundle of leaves. The fields and devices are exceptionally well preserved.

Edge: Reeded

Composition: 0.900 fine gold, 0.2412 troy oz AGW

22mm 8.33g


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