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1875CC U.S. 20 Cent PCGS MS62

The twenty cent piece was the nexus of a visionary dream of metric coinage and the highly impractical influence of politics. Senator Jones of Nevada, likely in support of influential owners of silver mines in the region, cited the desperate need for small change in the west as reason to strike the 20 cent coin. There was a shortage of small change in the west as merchants were unable to give change for 1 bit (12.5 cents) payments for 10 cent items and, in some cases, for 25 cent payments on two 10 cent items. Part of the problem may also have been intentional pricing practices of some merchants. The real solution would have been more 1 cent and 5 cent coins. However, such denominations were made of copper or nickel and Jones and his supporters needed the government to buy silver. So the claim was made that if a 20 cent coin was available a person would be able to receive a dime in change when buying a 10 cent item and would have exact change for 20 cent items. Once the denomination was approved the majority of coins were minted in the west at San Francisco and Carson City. Just 133,290 of the 1875CC 20 cent were minted and many coins, especially from Carson City and San Francisco, saw extensive use and rough handling. Today, finding twenty cents without signs of rough handling or improper cleaning is quite challenging.

On the obverse of this particular coin Liberty is well struck and luster is evident in the fields around the stars. There is some disturbance of luster in the fields, but overall nice eye appeal.

The eagle and fields on the reverse glow with luster. There is a notable mark above the eagle's shoulder on the right side. In hand, this does little to diminish the eye appeal of this attractive coin.

1875CC U.S. Twenty Cent

Plain Edge 

Composition: 0.900 fine silver


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